Saturday, September 27, 2014

Oatka Creek Park • September 27

Red-winged Blackbird. One of the very large flock (50+) that has been in the park the past couple of days. Migration event!

Field Sparrow

Eastern Bluebird. The bluebirds have been camping out on Maple Hill of late.

Maple Hill color watch

Maple Hill color watch. The deep yellows and oranges are becoming impressive and captivating. The picture does not capture the deep sense of transition that was palpable this morning.

Fringed Gentian. These flowers are almost done now. Pretty soon it will goodbye until another two-three years when they may bloom again.

Purple Finch. Suddenly I heard a flock of vireos around me. But vireos don't flock like that! Looking up is was a flock of Purple Finches singing their vireo-like song.

Purple Finch. Oh, I hear you. I get those headaches, too!

Northern Parula

Northern Parula

Solitary Sandpiper

Ruby-crowned Kinglet with a fresh snack!