Sunday, December 29, 2013

Oatka Creek Park • December 29

Red-breasted Nuthatch. As far as I can tell, there is a single resident Red-breasted Nuthatch in Oatka Creek Park. It has been in residence since last winter.

Red-breasted Nuthatch. Last year was an invasion year for this species. It was during that invasion when this individual showed up in the park and put roots down in a stand of tall evergreens near the park's entrance.

Red-breasted Nuthatch. I use to go to Mendon Ponds Park to see Red-breasted Nuthatches, but recently the Oatka bird has been a more reliable find.

Pileated Woodpecker. It was an excellent morning for spotting woodpeckers, and there were plenty of Pileateds to add to the checklist.

Pileated Woodpecker. Like last winter, I am finding almost exclusively female Pileateds at this time.

Golden-crowned Kinglet. During the other three seasons of the year these birds tend to stick to the upper tree canopy. However, during the winter I frequently find them on or near the forest floor, like this bird.

Golden-crowned Kinglet. This bird was only a couple of inches off of the ground.

Golden-crowned Kinglet

Pileated Woodpecker. Cleaning up a batch of Poison Ivy berries. Yum, yum, yum!

Pileated Woodpecker