Monday, December 23, 2013

Charlotte and Summerville Piers • December 23

When I got to Charlotte Pier this morning, there was already quite a lot of activity! See the *two* Snowy Owls on the left rail near the end? (See below.)

The Snowy Owls had enough of that and moved over to nearby Summerville Pier. Two owls, right?

I drove over to Summerville Pier and saw *three* Snowy Owls! (See below.)

Time to make the long, careful approach. The owls would frequently move back and forth between the two piers. Here, one of the owls has already moved back to Charlotte Pier.

There was one darker individual.

The other two owls were lighter in color.

This is the third owl (definitely lighter in color) over on Charlotte Pier as seen from Summerville Pier.

At this point I carefully retreated and left Summerville Pier. However, the morning owl photo shoot was not over!

I decided to head back over to Charlotte Pier because the one Snowy Owl was posing so nicely on the railing. However, when I arrived it was gone. Still, I knew the owls were moving about, so I headed down the pier anyway. Eventually I realized the darker individual was now on top of the tower at the end of the pier!

And one of the lighter individuals reappeared on the railing! However, there was even more ...

The second lighter individual was perched right below the first lighter individual on the railing! All the owls had moved back over to Charlotte where I was standing! Hurray!

Meanwhile, the darker individual moved back to Summerville Pier, as seen here from Charlotte Pier.

One last look at one of the lighter individuals on Charlotte Pier before calling it a wrap!