Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hamlin Beach State Park • May 18

 Red-headed Woodpecker. Today was a pilgrimage to Hamlin Beach State Park to look at the Red-headed Woodpeckers. This one seems to be staking out parking area 1 as its territory!

Eastern Kingbird. There were many other kinds of birds here, too. This appears to be a popular bird perch.

Eastern Kingbird. No, we didn't take the blue trail today, despite the invitation!

Red-headed Woodpecker. This bird is covering something very important. The next picture reveals the secret.

Red-headed Woodpecker. Its nest! Here is the other member of the nesting pair.

American Redstart. Yanty Creek Nature Trail, which is part of the state park, seems to be a highly preferred habitat for this species. They were everywhere! This is the male.

American Redstart. And here is the female.

Green Heron. Being on the Lake Ontario shore, water birds of all kinds abounded.

Bald Eagle. This immature Bald Eagle put the fear in the large flocks of water birds, causing hundreds of them to rise as one to get out of the way.