Monday, February 4, 2013

Oatka Creek Park • February 4

Brown Creeper. The area along Gypsum Hollow Trail near the creek has always been a productive area for spotting Brown Creepers. Today was no exception! The bird's trill caught my ear and I was delighted as it made a very close pass to me on its way towards the creek.

Brown Creeper. I briefly spished and it seemed the bird responded by coming even closer.

Carolina Wren. Later along the creek, the Carolina Wrens put up a nearly continuous alarm of "cheer" calls as I entered their territory.

Carolina Wren. These birds have been, perhaps, the most vocal birds in the park this winter, even more so than the Blue Jays and crows.

Carolina Wren. These birds seem to have weathered this winter successfully enough, as I have not really noticed a decline in their numbers.