Sunday, February 3, 2013

Oatka Creek Park • February 3

Pileated Woodpecker. It was another quiet winter morning in Oatka today. The two female Pileated Woodpeckers were drumming and calling as usual. This is the one that keeps to the woods south of Black Billed Cuckoo Trail. The other keeps to the woods north of the trail.

Northern Mockingbird. This bird is not the "crossbill" mockingbird of a few weeks back, but a different one found in a different part of the park. ("Crossbill" is still hanging around the dirt road between the parking lot and the woods.)

Northern Mockingbird. Today was an excellent day for spotting mockingbirds, as I later went on the Rochester Birding Association's trip to the farm fields of Avon and Lima. We found several mockingbirds along the way and two Short-eared Owls along Doran Road! Unfortunately, the owls were found just after sunset and there wasn't enough light left for pictures.