Saturday, February 16, 2013

Black Creek Park • February 16

Virginia Opossum. It was a partially cloudy afternoon with intermittent snow flurries at Black Creek Park today. As I was hiking along one of the trails not marked on the county park map, I saw this opossum making its way along the forest floor. It was clearly wary of me, though I was still at a distance and moving slowly. What it did next surprised me, though I've since learned it is quite natural ...

Virginia Opossum. It climbed a tree like it was easiest thing in the world to do! It was almost defiantly easy for the animal. It then froze so as to blend in with the other trees in the area.

Virginia Opossum. I soon realized the opossum was waiting me out. So as not to disturb the animal any further I put my camera down and moved on. Now I have a name for the trail on my map of the park: Possum Trail!