Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Oatka Creek Park • November 21

Winter Wren. It was a cold and sunny morning in the park today. A light mist hung over the creek. Bird activity was nearly nonexistent despite it being the first hour after dawn. Suddenly along the creek the local Winter Wren began raising its alarm calls. I found it perched on a snag out over the creek in the direction of the sun from where I was standing. This lighting condition was, no doubt, planned by the wren.

Winter Wren. As I began taking pictures, my lens steadily fogged up as it ice cold from the environment and was now facing directly into the sun. As it turned out, the photo op was not a very long one anyway, as the little bird did not seem in a mood to play today. In other shots it was looking skyward, and well it should, as it was exposed in prime Red-tailed Hawk hunting territory. It quickly vanished a minute or so later.