Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Oatka Creek Park • November 20

Hairy Woodpecker. It was a quiet midday hike in Oatka today. Most birds were either asleep or simply elsewhere. This Hairy momentarily broke the silence along the creekside.

Belted Kingfisher. Then came the rattling call of kingfisher that definitely shattered the silence! The upper belt is still brownish in color, so this is a juvenile. The lower second chestnut colored band indicates this is a female.

Belted Kingfisher. "Ratltltltltltltltltlt!"

Belted Kingfisher. Always alert to my presence, I was never allowed to get too close before the kingfisher would move to a farther perch.

Belted Kingfisher. In principle the kingfishers and heron could stay along the creek all winter, as there is plenty of fish all winter. Time will tell if this will be so this winter!