Monday, November 19, 2012

Oatka Creek Park • November 19

Blue Jay. The Blue Jays have been quite active, noisy, and in small flocks in the park of late. If all else is quiet at any given moment, a Blue Jay will be sure to shatter the silence momentarily!

Downy Woodpecker. This male was busily preening in the morning sun today, hence its fluffed up appearance. Most of my shots had its head buried in its feathers.

Downy Woodpecker. The male has a red patch on the back of its head that is absent in a female.

Carolina Wren. There are about four (maybe five or six) Carolina Wrens along the creek this year at the start of winter. One local weatherman is predicting another mild winter, so maybe a majority of these birds will survive to next breeding season.

Red-bellied Woodpecker. Either a woodpecker (of almost any species) is extremely wary of being spotted and scoots at a glance in its direction, or it just does not care and ignores me. There's not much behavior in between. Normally Red-bellies are pretty dismissive of me and my camera and hang around. However, this one seemed more interested in following the mixed flock that was passing in front of me at the moment, and only did a brief touch-and-go on this tree before moving on.

White-tailed Deer. This buck was naturally very cautious of me with all the sounds of gunfire on all sides of the park now that hunting season has begun. It was not about to let me get an unobstructed view. However, being a deer, it only moved several feet before stopping and looking at me. If it had a symmetric rack and I can see all the points on the left side in this picture, then this appears to be an eight-point buck.