Saturday, November 10, 2012

Oatka Creek Park • November 10

Carolina Wren. As I approached the creek today, a Great Blue Heron flew off before I could get a picture. However, the calls of Carolina Wrens reverberated throughout the park this morning! As I crossed the bridge and made my way along Trout Run Trail, a pair (at least) of wrens started to tag-team me in a game of hide-and-seek. One would establish a nearby perch and start calling until I made visual contact. Then it was off and another wren would start calling from its nearby perch until it was spotted. This went on for a dozen encounters or more.

Carolina Wren. In his natty little book, "The Art of Pishing", Pete Dunne says, "I think birds respond to pishing in no small part because they are bored and curious." My experiences tend to align with that suggestion. These wrens were playing with me this morning because it was late morning, almost approaching noon, and there was not much else pressing on their agenda, other than avoiding any hawks in the area. By the way, I never uttered a sound along the creek as the wrens made it abundantly clear to all around that something interesting was going on in my vicinity!

Carolina Wren. My least obscured shot today.

Caroline Wren. Here's a chance to gaze at the underside of this bird's tail and look at all the black crescents and other features.

Red Squirrel. It was another good year for Black Walnut production and the sound of Red Squirrels eating what appears to be their favorite meal is now nearly constant along both banks of the creek (where the walnut trees are!)