Saturday, October 13, 2012

Oatka Creek Park • October 13

Soccer Fields. It was a glorious autumn morning, the morning of our first hard freeze of the season.

White-tailed Deer. The deer were evident everywhere this morning.

White-tailed Deer. I found this young deer's chestnut crown interesting.

Eastern Phoebe. These birds are in the midst of their peak migration period. They are among the last to leave the area in the fall and the first to return in the spring.

Great Blue Heron. I like the blurred waterfall effect of the water in the background.

Maple Hills. Clearly the morning is the best time for taking pictures of this particular bit of scenery.

Northern Mockingbird. This was a good morning for spotting mockingbirds. They don't seem to nest in park per se, but nest in the adjacent farm fields and farm house backyards all around the park. Mockingbirds are a year round resident, though the Canadian population might migrate a bit south in the winter. 

Northern Mockingbird. Though they don't seem to nest in the park, mockingbirds are somewhat common in Oatka during the fall and winter, probably because they are searching for and finding their favorite cold weather fruit: Multiflora Rose, according to Cornell's Birds of North America. Multiflora Rose is common throughout the park.

Northern Mockingbird. Yes, you better look up! You are in a favorite Red-tailed Hawk hunting territory!!