Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Uncas Trail • September 21

Uncas Trail Trailhead. On the drive home from the Adirondacks we stopped for one more pond hike. This was to, as the sign says, Bug Lake via Uncas Trail.

Seventh Lake. We passed over the northern most tip of Seventh Lake where it joins with Eighth Lake.

This was a fun sign along the way!

Bug Lake. Bug Lake was beautiful and free of bugs this day!

American Toad. This was the reddest toad we had ever seen!

Common Loon. On Bug Lake a family of four loons fished, preened, and interacted.

Common Loons. There were two adults, like the bird on the right, and two juveniles, like the bird on the left.

Common Loon. At one point this juvenile started swimming/flying while remaining in the water for quite some distance.