Sunday, September 9, 2012

Oatka Creek Park • September 8

Canada Warbler. Today's strong thunderstorms and approaching cold front have started bringing in the fall migrants! (They ride the cold winds from the north southward this time of year to reduce the effort of flying long distances.) Unfortunately, this time of year there is still a thick canopy of leaves to hide these birds. This Canada Warbler came out briefly and gave me great views of its characteristic "necklace" of black throat markings. It then retreated and this was the best shot I could get.

Philadelphia Vireo. While trying to get a picture of the Canada Warbler, this Philadelphia Vireo popped out right in front of me! I quickly tried to refocus my camera, knowing the background foliage was going to be a problem. However, with only seconds to photograph this kinetic migrant, I had to settle for what I got!

Philadelphia Vireo. Many bird names refer to where the species was first identified, not to where the bird is likely to be found. This species is an example. It nests in Canada and winters in Mexico and Central America. The only time it is found in Philadelphia is briefly during spring and fall migrations. The only time and place I seem to get a good look at Philadelphia Vireos in Oatka is during September in Warbler Loop.

Philadelphia Vireo. Here's hoping for a better photo op next time!

Great Blue Heron. This heron was in no mood to tolerate my camera. Well, it had been a rough day with strong thunderstorms and lots of rain. I took my obligatory shot and beat a hasty retreat to leave the bird in peace.