Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Oatka Creek Park • September 5

Great Blue Heron. This juvenile was very cooperative tonight! Here the bird is standing in full sunlight.

Great Blue Heron. Here's the same bird after it flew down the creek a bit. It is now in the shade.

Great Blue Heron. It thought this was a pretty scene.

New England Asters. After all the rain from the remnants of Isaac yesterday, these asters started blooming in profusion throughout the park today.

Orange Jewelweed. This plant at the base of Maple Hill was looking to be finished for the season, but the rains perked it right up and produced a profusion of new blooms.

Bur-marigold. This is a new wildflower for me. It is late summer bloomer that was growing out of the muddy ditch of water at the base of Maple Hill. There were several plants and dozen of these blooms.