Saturday, September 15, 2012

Oatka Creek Park • September 15

Brown Thrasher. As I left the parking lot to start my walk, the hedgerows on both sides of the dirt road were alive with birds! I saw one migrant wood warbler, though did not get a good enough look to identify it. In the crowd I saw a Hermit Thrush, which is the first one of the season for me. There were also the resident noisy Brown Thrashers, of which this was one. Later in the walk I would spot a Magnolia Warbler before it left with the band of chickadees it had joined.

Great Blue Heron. The creek was relatively quiet. This appears to be the current resident juvenile.

Great Blue Heron

White Turtlehead. This plant had a few new blooms, so I thought a picture was warranted!