Thursday, September 6, 2012

Northampton Park • September 6

Great Blue Heron. With strong thunderstorms around Oatka today, I chose to hike Northampton Park as it was well away from the storms. Today I hiked the trails behind Springdale Farm. At the beginning there is a large pond frequented by many water birds, such as this heron. 

Great Blue Heron and Canada Goose. There were also Mallards and white domestic geese in the pond.

Asters. These flower heads seemed noticeably larger than the Panicled Asters that were also in the park. I couldn't ID them, however. They seemed to have too many rays for Flat-topped White Asters. They are almost like a fleabane.

This park has many beautiful wooded sections where you can lose yourself in the deep canopy despite hearing the cars on the bordering highways.

Another wonderful section of woodland.

American Toad. A number of toads we underfoot today.