Saturday, September 22, 2012

Mitchell Ponds • September 16

Mitchell Ponds Trailhead. Our annual trip to the Adirondacks began with a hike to Mitchell Ponds before continuing on to our base of operations at Blue Mountain Lake. The drive to the trailhead was torturous with deep potholes and ruts, though the trail itself was quite level, flat, and easy going.

Lower Mitchell Pond. The colors seemed a bit more advanced than in previous years.

Lower Mitchell Pond. It is said the colors will be muted this year due to prevailing drought conditions. Burgundies are fine, however!

Lower Mitchell Pond

Lower Mitchell Pond. This is (an optical) zoom into the region at the center of the first landscape picture.

Hairy Woodpecker. Birds were scarce this week. However, there were some notable exceptions. This Hairy was with at least one other Hairy and they were chattering up quite a storm!

Lower Mitchell Pond. The trail to Upper Mitchell Pond was partially blocked with several blowdowns. After this side perspective of the lower pond, we abandoned the push through the blowdowns and walked elsewhere.