Saturday, September 22, 2012

Chimney Mountain • September 17

Blue Mountain. The morning started with the typical fog on the lake. The peak of Blue Mountain is just visible.

Chimney Mountain Trailhead. The trailheads to Chimney Mountain and Puffer Pond Trail are on private property with state land beginning after 0.2-0.3 miles along the trails. The parking fee is nominal ($2).

Chimney Mountaintop. The climb starts easily but quickly becomes moderately steep. Near the top are several small cave entrances and the crowning glory of this massive chimney-looking rock formation. 

Chimney Rock. This outcrop is quite large, over ten feet tall or more.

Chimney Mountaintop. The mountain top was crowded with people despite it being "off season". Since there was little level ground (bare boulders, actually) to stand on, it made jockeying for pictures challenging.

Chimney Mountaintop. This was the kind of footing available at the top of the mountain. With many possibilities for nasty falls, I decided to abort the picture taking and retreat from the summit.

Chimney Rock. One last look back and it was time to make the careful way back down the mountain.

Sunset. Back at Blue Mountain Lake we had a chance to watch the sunset after dinner.