Monday, September 24, 2012

Blue Mountain Lake • September 18

It was a rainy day on Blue Mountain Lake. However, there was still a lot of Adirondack beauty.

Common Loon. Sitting on a protected porch with plenty of tea at hand, I passed the day looking for loons. Finally, in the distance I spotted one! It was methodically working its way around the lake, frequently diving for food.

Common Loon. Two and a half hours later the loon had worked itself around to directly in front of us! With all the rain and gloom, the camera's shutter speed was so slow that any motion was too fast for the autofocus algorithm.

Common Loon. Finally the camera figured out the focus. Here the loon is looking for fish.

Common Loon. Here the loon is looking directly at ... me! I was quickly dismissed as not a threat or, at least, not very interesting.

Common Loon. I find it amazing that despite the poor photographic conditions, I can still tell that the eyes are red.

Common Loon