Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Baldface Mountain • September 20

Blue Mountain. This is the early morning view at lake level. Later on we would see the mountain from an entirely different perspective.

Baldface Mountain Trailhead. After an adventurous canoe ride across Indian Lake, we reached the trailhead to Baldface Mountain. The trailhead can only be reached by water.

Normans Cove. This is view from where we landed our canoe looking back at the marina on the far lake shore.

Near the top of a gentle climb is this imposing rock face. The picture does not do it justice. The inspiration for the name "Baldface"? 

Atop Baldface Mountain. That's Normans Cove in the center. With binoculars I was able to see our canoe.

Atop Baldface Mountain. The mountain in the middle with the large square top and gray patch on the left side is Blue Mountain.

Atop Baldface Mountain. The square topped mountain left of center is Snowy Mountain.

Atop Baldface Mountain. There was a large amount of nice, flat area on top to sit, have a picnic lunch, and enjoy the scenery.