Monday, August 6, 2012

Oatka Creek Park • August 6

Pearl Crescent. I rarely get a chance to see the underside of a Pearl Crescent, let alone photograph it.

Common Mergansers. The young ducks are back! You can see that their eyes are still more gray than the brown they will be when full grown.

Common Mergansers. The duck on the left is either yawning or gesturing with its bill, as none of them were making any sounds.

Cabbage White. The two spots on each forewing indicate that this is a female. A male would only have one spot on each forewing. Far from the all-white appearance when in flight, there is quite amount of black on the upper sides of the wings.

Belted Kingfisher. It was an idyllic scene along the creek: a trio of resting Common Mergansers (pictured above), another trio of Mallards slowly paddling around, and a Great Blue Heron quietly perching in a tree overhead. *THEN* two Belted Kingfishers also in the area notice my presence and throw up loud alarm calls, shattering any sense of peace. Like dominos, the Mallards freak and fly off, which spooks the merganers into swimming off while the heron takes to flight and beats a hasty retreat downstream. Kingfishers, the little yappy dogs of the Bird World!