Friday, August 24, 2012

Oatka Creek Park • August 24

Shadow Darner. It is easy to identify this dragonfly as a darner. It is much harder to figure out which *kind* of darner it is. Shadow is my best guess.

Shadow Darner

Viceroy. This butterfly is smaller than a Monarch and has extra markings on its hinds wings. Finally, as I saw today, when a Viceroy glides, it holds its wings absolutely flat across. Monarchs hold their wings in a V when gliding.

Pearl Crescent on a Green-headed Coneflower. Coneflowers seem to be a particular favorite of bees. I have to push my way past many coneflowers with bees on them as I walk Trout Run Trail these days. Fortunately, none of them are stinging bees!

Great Blue Heron. This juvenile flew into the middle of the creek as I was crossing the bridge to leave the creek area. It really wanted that perch despite my relatively nearby presence. It was a hot afternoon, broke a weather record, I believe, so I won't think the bird wanted to sunbathe.

Panicled Asters. Another sign of the approaching end of summer. Asters are starting to bloom in small numbers at the base of Maple Hill. Well, at least we made it through most of August first!

Cedar Waxwing. No waxwings were at the creek today, but a small number were flycatching over Maple Hill. This bird here is taking a break to pant a bit in the hot sun before going after more bugs!