Thursday, August 23, 2012

Oatka Creek Park • August 23

Spotted Sandpiper. It was a warm and very quiet afternoon in the park today. This juvenile sandpiper was picking through the mud flats in the creek. An Osprey whistled nervously above, but always stayed hidden within the tree canopy. The kingfishers rattled back and forth along the waterway.

Eastern Wood-Pewee. Despite the hot afternoons when the loudest sounds are from the insect chorus, pewees and towhees still call out at regular intervals. This pewee was flycatching from a perch over the water.

Eastern Comma. White Cabbage butterflies are everywhere and Orange Sulphurs are fairly common. I saw another Eastern Tailed-Blue today, but it avoided the camera lens. Pearl Crescents complete the list of common butterflies at the present. I may only see one Eastern Comma a day, now.