Thursday, August 2, 2012

Oatka Creek Park • August 2

Eastern Towhee. These birds are still singing throughout the day even though most birds have stopped singing or only sing first thing in the morning.

Giant Swallowtail. Our tattered individual is still hanging on with no apparent problem! The Joe-Pye Weeds are in full bloom throughout the park and they seem to be the nectaring choice of many butterflies right now. However, there are many types of wildflowers blooming right now and most seem to host butterflies at one point or another. 

Giant Swallowtail

Eastern Bluebird. This female is one of the several bluebirds hanging around the fields of Bluebird Trail right now. You might not always see them, but if you learn their song, you'll realize they, too, are still singing throughout the day!