Monday, August 13, 2012

Oatka Creek Park • August 13

Silver-spotted Skipper. These butterflies are probably the easiest of the skippers to find and identify due to their large size, large numbers, and distinctive white patch on their hind wings.

Silver-spotted Skipper

Common Merganser. The color of the eyes of this juvenile are starting to turn brown from gray. This bird also actually flew from this log in the creek, though it had to go through quite a procedure, almost as if it were psyching itself up. It then labored mightily to stay only a few feet above the water's surface as it headed upstream. Must still be developing those flight muscles!

Spotted Sandpiper. This is a juvenile, hence the lack of spots on its underside. You can get a good look at the golden colors of its legs that are usually hidden somewhat by standing in water and mud.