Sunday, July 1, 2012

Oatka Creek Park • June 18

Barn Swallow

Brown-headed Cowbird fledgling. As a number of the bird species are going into their second breedings of the season, the cowbirds, too, are increasing their vocalizations and activities so that they may find hosts for their second broods of the seasons.

Eastern Comma

Yellow Warbler. These birds have gone quite suddenly from ubiquitous to secretive. It seems they are protecting their nestlings and fledgling by not drawing attention to them. As an example, when I enter Bluebird Trail these days I am immediately surrounded by Yellow Warblers emitting a nonstop stream of alarm chips in a possible combination of warning others of my presence and trying to annoy me sufficiently to move along.

Eastern Bluebird. This male is carrying food for nestlings in a nesting box.

Eastern Bluebird. The bluebirds are using two nesting boxes for their second broods. The female, here, is waiting until I look or move away before she leaves the box and let's the male enter with food.

Eastern Bluebird. Is the male getting a bit impatient with me here?

Eastern Comma