Sunday, July 22, 2012

Oatka Creek Park • July 7

Brown Thrasher. A juvenile! Look at the eye: it is gray rather than bright yellow or yellow-orange. This bird is just months old.

Brown Thrasher. There are also other more subtle colorings and patterns that indicate this bird hatched not that long ago.

Common Mullein

Northern Pearly-eye. I first thought this was the standard and very common Eyed Brown, but after conferring with local expert Jay Greenberg I learned this was a Northern Pearly-eye. This was creekside and the butterfly was on a stinging nettle plant.

Eastern Bluebird. A fledgling bluebird begs for food from its mother to the right. The father is out of shot to the left. A photographically uncooperative sibling is out of shot below (only a view of its backside). This family was a joy to watch as I took pictures!