Sunday, July 29, 2012

Oatka Creek Park • July 22

Turkey Vultures. Now that breeding season is over, the Turkey Vultures are more frequently "kettling" prior to setting down into a community roost for the night. This kettle is over the creek near a well-known Turkey Vulture roost site. There are a number of farms with livestock surrounding the park, and this provides ideal scavenging conditions for these birds. 

Turkey Vulture. Turkey Vultures are beneficial and tend to be benevolent, tolerating human activity very well. An aggressive vulture is probably the similar and uncommon to our region Black Vulture which sometimes travels with Turkey Vultures.

Solitary Sandpipers. This species gets its name from its habit of migrating alone or, as seen here, in pairs. They generally do not form large migratory flocks like most shorebirds do.