Sunday, June 17, 2012

Transit of Venus • June 5

Here are the pictures of the transit of Venus that I took though my old telescope that now belongs to my friend Amy. Amy and I teamed up at her house for this bit of daytime astrophotography.

Click the pictures for larger versions!

Venus is just entering the sun's disk at around the 7 o'clock position. Like a silly person, I just assumed I'd be able to take picture just like I use to a few years ago, so I didn't test the setup ahead of time. Naturally there were unexpected difficulties.

Venus is now further along. At this point we are using a Kodak DX6490 which, in its heyday, Amy and I knew how to operate blindfolded. Now, we couldn't remember some of the more arcane controls of this older camera.

Venus is now about three-quarters into the solar disk. Focus and exposure were really starting to vex us!

Venus almost completely on. At this point we decided to go to plan B and use our much better newer cameras and hand hold them behind the eyepiece.

Venus. It worked surprisingly well! Except for the last shot, this and all the remaining shots were taken with my Canon SX40HS.

Venus. At this point we began taking pictures until the sun disappeared behind the trees along the western horizon.

This last shot is from Amy's Canon 7D.