Sunday, June 10, 2012

Oatka Creek Park • May 30

Ruby-throated Hummingbird. This is a favorite perch for birds of all sizes from hummingbird to waxwing to crow.

Ruby-throated Hummingbird

Pearl Crescent

Eastern Phoebe. Yes, this bird needs to comb its hair!

Viceroy. This Monarch look-alike is a little smaller than a Monarch and has a postmedian band absent in a Monarch. (See next picture.)

Viceroy. The postmedian band is circled in this picture. Once you know about this field mark, it becomes very easy to immediately tell this species and a Monarch apart.

Viceroy. The postmedian band is visible both above and below and pretty much from any angle.

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail

Great Blue Heron. It was another good day for heron spotting!

Great Blue Heron. There is a thin layer of trees and other foliage between Trout Run Trail and the creek. This can provide a natural photographic blind in some locations.

Song Sparrow. Song Sparrows are everywhere along the creek, now that there has been a general fledging. This, of course, is an adult.

Song Sparrow

Great Crested Flycatcher. This bird's nest is probably along the creek somewhere, perhaps in one of the myriad of abandoned woodpecker nesting holes from previous seasons as suggested by the field guide. This flycatcher is certainly holding and defending this territory as it is now clearly heard in the same location daily.

Great Crested Flycatcher. That doesn't mean it is easy to *see* every day, let alone get a picture!

Spotted Sandpiper. The spring migration wave of sandpipers along the creek this year was brief; just a couple days.

Spotted Sandpiper. They will be back for an extended fall migration visit starting mid to late summer.

Great Blue Heron. I see heron grab and eat this kind of thing frequently. I can't figure out what it is, though. I'm never close enough. It is definitely an animal, but is it, say, a frog?

Great Blue Heron. It is just a morsel, however, as the bird immediately returns to hunting.

Great Blue Heron

Eastern Bluebirds and Tree Swallow. What a nice scene! An adult male bluebird with its offspring. Peeking out of the nesting box is a swallow.

Eastern Bluebirds