Friday, June 8, 2012

Oatka Creek Park • May 28

Brown Thrasher. One does not seem to hear their birds much anymore as they are now nesting.

Northern Cardinal. In the wild the female cardinal never really seems common except perhaps during the winter. During nesting season, they can seem downright scarce! Of course, hang a bird feeder in your backyard and you'll see females a lot.

Yellow Flag. This is an early bloomer of this lovely iris species.

Yellow Flag

Yellow Flag

Field Sparrow. In the fields these days I hear a lot of buzzes and twitters from the tall weeds that make me suspect these are the calls of nestling Field Sparrows. The field guide states that early brood nests are usually on the ground which would be consistent with the location of the sounds.

Brown Thrasher. Lately getting one sighting a week of this bird is doing well. Today I had two sightings in one walk!

Brown Thrasher

Monarch Caterpillar. This is my first Monarch caterpillar of the season. This caterpillar was small, though pictures on the web suggest this was a third instar caterpillar. Monarch  caterpillars go through four instars (stages) before spinning a cocoon to transform into a butterfly. This plant is a milkweed, which is the host plant of the Monarch butterfly. I will have pictures of fourth instar caterpillars in the future, but no cocoons, yet.