Saturday, June 23, 2012

Oatka Creek Park • June 9

Cedar Waxwing. This bird was on the hummingbird perch atop the evergreen next to the parking lot. Actually, a lot of different species like this perch.

Deptford Pink. In the morning these flowers are closed up and seemed to have disappeared from the landscape. I usually only see them open on my afternoon hikes when they appear in a multitude.

Gray Catbird

Rose-breasted Grosbeak. This the male of the nesting pair along Trout Run Trail by the creek. I can hear him singing more often than not on my hikes through this area.

Downy Woodpecker. This is the nest I have been following for a few weeks, ever since the nestling starting making so much noise it was hard to miss. The male has a bill full of food ready to feed the nestling as soon as I leave the area. Since I could see the nestling for the first time, I took a few pictures before departing. Good thing I did, as we will see when I post the next report.

Brown Thrasher. This bird is in deep shade which produces a slightly different color appearance. Note that the iris on this bird is yellow-orange rather than pure yellow. Also, the underside is not white with brown spotting but more of a buff with brown spotting. Cornell's Birds of North America article on the Brown Thrasher suggests these color variations are within the normal range of variability for this species.

Monarch Caterpillar