Monday, June 18, 2012

Oatka Creek Park • June 6

Ruby-throated Hummingbird. It is always nice to start a walk with this bird!

Ruby-throated Hummingbird

White-tailed Deer. This was a remarkable encounter! An isolated fawn is spotted in the foliage. I try to jockey for a clear view for pictures. Then, all of the sudden ...

White-tailed Deer. The fawn decides it wants a clear look at me, so it starts charging towards me!

White-tailed Deer. This little one was jumping over anything in its way to get to me!

White-tailed Deer. I then notice a repeated buzzing that I thought was a bird or insect. Now that the fawn was close by, I realized it was the source of the call. You can hear a recording of the call at under the first call, "Contact Calls".

White-tailed Deer. This fawn was clearly acting like I was the first human it had ever seen, or, at least, was allowed to inspect at close range.

White-tailed Deer. When I didn't do anything other than stand still and take pictures, its interest in me began to wane.

White-tailed Deer. At this point it turned around and wandered back into the foliage and disappeared.

Yellow Warbler

Great Blue Heron. As I stood on the bridge over the creek, this heron came flying by me. This was the only shot I could get as it passed by, though it is not the worst possible one.

Eastern Phoebe. The terse "Fee-bee!" is now, once again, a common sound in the park as this species begins work on its second brood of the season.

Eastern Bluebird. The juveniles from the first brood have now moved on and are no longer found along Bluebird Trail. The second brood has hatched as the adults are now carrying food into the nesting boxes.

Chipping Sparrow. One normally finds these birds near or in backyards, so it was odd to find this bird in the copse along Bluebird Trail.