Saturday, June 2, 2012

Oatak Creek Park • May 21

Blackberry. This plant grows throughout the park and its fruits are treasured by both bird and man.

Indigo Bunting. Buntings are setting up nesting territories throughout the park in any place where there is some kind of shrubbery (which is most of the park).

Indigo Bunting

Hairy Woodpecker. This female is gathering food for its nestlings / recent fledglings.

Red-bellied Woodpecker by its nest. The camera makes this look like its at eye level and close by. However, this nest is high in a tree and I present little threat as a result. Other woodpecker nests closer to the ground are an entirely different matter. Even walking by those without stopping can throw the adults into an alarm state, disrupt nestling feeding, etc. 

Red-bellied Woodpecker. Having said all that, this bird has been unusual in its continual total disregard for my presence by its tree which is right on Trout Run Trail. Perhaps it realizes that unless I look at just right the angle, its nest is hidden by leaves and that the sounds of the creek below, combined with its height off the ground, mask any nestling calls, at least from a human perspective. It is vigilant against predators from above, however, and a number of my pictures show it looking skyward.

Song Sparrow. This bird is carry food for nestlings. I saw a fledgling in this area a few days ago and will share those pictures in the future.

Song Sparrow. Though I have seen one Song Sparrow fledgling, adult still are carrying food in this area, so there are still mouths to feed, be they in the nest or in their first days outside the nest.