Friday, January 6, 2012

Ontario Beach and Charlotte Pier • January 6

Ontario Beach and Charlotte Pier, Monroe, US-NY
Jan 6, 2012
Protocol: Incidental
Comments:     It was a cloudy 49F noontime walk in Ontario Beach Park and Charlotte Pier today. As related to me, moments before I arrived at the base of Charlotte Pier, a Snowy Owl that had been on Summerville Pier launched. It flew over to the Charlotte side of the river and landed on top of the picnic shelter at the northeast corner of the park near where the boardwalk and pier meet. It resulted in an easily accessible and prime photo-op! I sat down on the pier (ground) and using the low wall as a support and quasi-blind squeezed off over a hundred pictures and a few videos. Others were, perhaps, not as cautious, and as a result one of my videos was of a short flight of the owl to the far side of the picnic shelter. After ten minutes or so I left as the owl continued on the picnic shelter roof, scanning the area in a vigilant manner.

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