Sunday, June 26, 2011

Oatka Creek Park • June 23

It was a mostly cloudy, humid, and 87F late afternoon birding hike in Oatka today. The outing was cut a bit short by the approaching storm front. Activity continues to slowly pick up along the creek with many more swallows feeding and perching by the water near the bridge. A strange little event as I stood on the bridge was a female Gadwall appearing out of nowhere, flying by me, and landing in the creek a bit upstream of the bridge. It splashed around somewhat vigorously for a few moments and then took to the air again and disappeared. I *might* have spotted a cuckoo ever so briefly on the far side of the copse near the nesting boxes along Bluebird Trail. However, just as I was about to get a good look, the storm front passed through with sudden strong gusts of wind that sent everyone flying for cover. I took the cue to double-time it back to the car before the rains. (I made it.) :-)

Deptford Pink

Deptford Pink

Indigo Bunting

Eastern Towhee

Northern Rough-winged Swallow

Field Sparrow

Crown Vetch

Oatka Creek Park, Monroe, US-NY
Jun 23, 2011 3:59 PM - 5:43 PM
Protocol: Traveling
3.0 mile(s)
31 species

Gadwall  1
Turkey Vulture  4
Mourning Dove  2
Eastern Wood-Pewee  1
Eastern Kingbird  1
Warbling Vireo  1
Red-eyed Vireo  2
Blue Jay  2
American Crow  2
Northern Rough-winged Swallow  4
Tree Swallow  7
Black-capped Chickadee  4
Eastern Bluebird  1
Wood Thrush  2
American Robin  6
Gray Catbird  10
Cedar Waxwing  4
Yellow Warbler  11
Common Yellowthroat  2
Eastern Towhee  4
Chipping Sparrow  1
Field Sparrow  5
Song Sparrow  1
Northern Cardinal  3
Rose-breasted Grosbeak  2
Indigo Bunting  7
Red-winged Blackbird  4
Brown-headed Cowbird  2
Baltimore Oriole  2
American Goldfinch  4
House Sparrow  2

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