Sunday, April 3, 2011

Owl Woods • April 3

This morning I went on a Rochester Birding Association field trip that started in Owl Woods. One saw-whet was found! From there we explored both the western and eastern sides of Braddock Bay looking at ducks and other birds. It was a great morning to be out and about!

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Can you see the owl near the center of the picture? Use the next picture for help, if you need it.

Northern Saw-whet Owl. This owl was really well hidden in the foliage and this was about all I was able to see for the most part.

Northern Saw-whet Owl. This is a different perspective.

Location:     Braddock Bay WMA--Owl Woods
Observation date:     4/3/11
Number of species:     1

Northern Saw-whet Owl     1

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