Thursday, April 28, 2011

Owl Woods • April 27

It was remarkable migration day today with warm, strong southernly winds bringing in hoards of migrating birds! At the Braddock Bay hawk watch platform, they recorded a 40,000+ day with the vast majority of the birds being Broad-winged Hawks. Over lunch I went to Owl Woods, which is nearby the hawk watch platform. I noticed a dozen or more Sharp-shinned Hawks in the air over the woods as I entered. (Over 1500 Sharp-shinneds were counted by the hawk watch platform.) I did not find any owls, but the woods were filled with other migrating birds. Ruby-crowned Kinglets seemed to be everywhere and I had another first-of-the-year sighting for me: a Great Crested Flycatch. It was a fun day and a shame that I had to rush back to work! :-)

Ruby-crowned Kinglet

Ruby-crowned Kinglet. This bird may be looking at one of the many Sharp-shinned Hawks in the air overhead, hoping not to be detected itself.

Ruby-crowned Kinglet. Yup, there is definitely something overhead that is more important than me and my camera! :-)

Great Crested Flycatcher. These are normally *very* loud birds. This one started calling from the edge of the trail, about four feet away from me. I nearly jumped out of my socks! :-)

Location:     Braddock Bay WMA--Owl Woods
Observation date:     4/27/11
Number of species:     2

Great Crested Flycatcher     1
Ruby-crowned Kinglet     3

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