Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Braddock Bay • April 3

As part of our RBA field trip this past Sunday, we looked at the ducks in Braddock Bay from both the western and eastern shores. Though we were some distance away from the ducks, the views in our spotting scopes were very nice! Many of the birds are now in breeding plumage, which makes the show that much nicer! :-)


Greater Scaup

Female Northern Shoveler

American Wigeon (rear)

Horned Grebe

Northern Shoveler (rear)

Hooded Merganser

Ring-necked Ducks (left: male, right: female)

Location:     Braddock Bay WMA--North Marina
Observation date:     4/3/11
Number of species:     19

Canada Goose     4
Mute Swan     6
Wood Duck     2
Mallard     2
Northern Shoveler     2
Green-winged Teal     1
Canvasback     6
Redhead     8
Ring-necked Duck     5
Greater Scaup     15
Lesser Scaup     5
Long-tailed Duck     6
Bufflehead     10
Hooded Merganser     4
Horned Grebe     3
Turkey Vulture     4
Northern Harrier     2
Killdeer     2
Ring-billed Gull     50

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