Thursday, March 17, 2011

Owl Woods • March 17

At lunch today I went down to Owl Woods and ended up having a most productive owling run! Together with fellow bird photographer Ed Siler, we found and photographed three Northern Saw-whet Owls, based on some helpful directions from Andy Garland and a few other birders in attendance over the noon hour. Simultaneously, there was a magnificent raptor migration overhead today, with the sky filled with hawks, vultures, and eagles. It would have been an ideal day to follow up Owl Woods with the hawkwatch platform, but, alas, I had to return to work. :-)

Click on the pictures for larger versions!

Northern Saw-whet Owl #1

Northern Saw-whet Owl #2

Have some owl spotting fun yourself! Can you find the owl?

Northern Saw-whet Owl #2

Northern Saw-whet Owl #2

Northern Saw-whet Owl #3

Location:     Braddock Bay WMA--Owl Woods
Observation date:     3/17/11
Number of species:     1

Northern Saw-whet Owl     3

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